Sizes XS to M – Purple animal Jumpsuit



Additional information

Weight N/A

(XS) Extrasmall, S/M, (S) – Small, (M) – Médium, (L) – Large

Size measurements

*sizes based on the BUST, WAIST and HIPS measures in cm:
XS: up to 86, 64 and 86cm
XS-S: up to 89, 66 and 90cm
S: up to 92, 69 and 96cm
S-M: between 94, 64-72 and 94-102cm
M: between 97, 68-74 and 98-106cm
M-L: between 100, 70-78 and 100-108cm
L: between 105, 74-82 and 106-110cm

*The sizes are approximate since, it is also to important to consider how tight you like it to be :)


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